About Us

At Acumen Management Services, we take pride in working closely with our clients to create workforce solutions customized to their specific needs.  Leveraging our decades of industry experience and expertise, we provide your organization with access to the best international talent, helping you achieve tangible results and develop a lasting competitive advantage in your industry.

Services offered by AMS

AMS offers employers, businesses & companies a range of services that include:
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  1. Meeting with you to learn about your organization and HR/workforce shortages.
  2. Helping evaluate the reason why you and others within the industry are unable to alleviate the deficiencies by hiring individuals from within Canada.
  3. If it’s determined that AMS is the solution for you, we will gather the relevant position details, including the particular background & qualities that are important for you to see in a candidate.
  4. We share these details with our business associates from around the world who can either source suitable candidates or already have suitable candidates readily available.
  5. Resumes that match the requirements you’ve previously identified are then shared with you for screening, interview & selection.

AMS is here to help!

We’re here to simplify the foreign worker programs for Canadian employers and our associates, allowing you to focus effort in other areas of priority and plan for future growth.

Although the employer must seek the necessary Govt. approval to hire foreign workers, our consultants are happy to meet with you and help assess your staffing needs.  AMS is there through the entire process to provide support & services to both you as the employer and our business associates from around the world.

Cost Free Services!!

The best parts to come!  Did you know that our services are free for Canadian employers?  That’s right!! This all comes at no cost to you!

AMS works with Canadian employers at a NO COST basis and charges a fee from its business associates in stages after the selection of the candidate by the employer.