More Spouses to Be Eligible To Work under Atlantic Immigration Pilot

An update to the Atlantic Immigration Pilot from June 1, 2019 will now allow intermediate-skilled spouses of principal applicants candidates, who are in Canada on work permits through the Program, to apply for an open work permit.

Prior to the update, only the spouses of Atlantic High Skilled Program candidates such as managers, medical doctors or architects, were eligible to apply for a Canada work permit.

According to a statement issued by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), this change supports the Atlantic Immigration Pilot’s goal to ensure that newcomers, who have come here, stay here. This will provide better quality of life to skilled immigrants and their families who came to Atlantic Canada to work.

IRCC used examples such as food and beverage servers and long-haul truck drivers to exemplify occupations that need intermediate-level skills.

Launched in 2017 for an initial three-year run, the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP) was formed to deal with the growing labour shortages in the Atlantic Canadian provinces by facilitating the hiring of skilled and intermediate-skilled workers as well as international graduates in Atlantic Canada.

Programs under Atlantic Immigration Pilot

  1. The Atlantic High-Skilled Program

The Atlantic High-Skilled Program is designed for foreign skilled workers with experience in management, professional or technical/skilled jobs. The candidates also required to have a permanent job offer.

  1. The Atlantic Intermediate-Skilled Program

This program category aims candidates for jobs that require a high school education and/or job-specific training. They must also have a job offer that lasts for a minimum of one year.

  1. The Atlantic International Graduate Program

Candidates with a degree, diploma or other credential from a publicly-funded institution in an Atlantic province can apply under this program. The candidate must have a job offer that lasts for at least one year.


The latest changes in the Pilot program are a continuation of the changes introduced to the program in March 2019. The changes are being introduced with an aim to make the Atlantic Immigration Pilot more suited to the needs of candidates and employers in the Atlantic provinces of Canada.

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